Jake Sandvig

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    Jake Sandvig was born  Steven Jacob Sandvig in Clovis, California on September 8th, 1986.

    Soon afterwards, he and his mother Michelle moved back to Portland, Oregon to be closer to her family.                                                            

    As a child Jake was exceptionally friendly and outgoing, even to strangers.

    In elementary school, Jake gained a reputation as the classroom entertainer, which the kids enjoyed (but which the teachers didn't always appreciate.)

    Encouraged by this lively personality (and on the recommendations of his elementary teachers), his mother pointed him towards acting, hopeful it would be a positive outlet for Jake's penchant for entertaining groups. This sparked his career- he was soon auditioning for commercials in the Portland area.

    After booking several commercials, Jake realized he had found his passion. Wanting more, Jake sought out opportunities for larger roles. With the help of his manager, Jake headed to Los Angeles.

    Almost immediately he was picked up by an agent, his talent had quickly been recognized, he and his mother relocated back to California.

    After several more commercials he was cast by Director Rob Reiner in the film The Story of Us playing the 12-year old son of Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeifer.

    Jake continued to work in films. Most notably with his role as the flexible Lash in "Sky High" starring Kurt Russel and Kelly Preston.

    In addition to film, Jake quickly landed guest roles in many shows including "Once and Again", "The Amanda Show", "The Closer" "Veronica Mars" "Journeyman"and others.

    In 2006, Jake co-starred with John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor in the well-received but short-lived "Twenty Good Years", as well as a significant role in the 2007 Sundance Film "Finishing the Game."

    In the commerical arena Jake has been seen as the star of the AXE men's body wash commercials as well as Dentyne.

    In Mid-May of this year, Jake's film "A Bag of Hammers," which was successful on the film festival circuit has premiered in New York and Los Angeles.  


  • Jake named his production company, Papa Don, in honor of his grandfather, who had a very significant part of Jake's life. 
  •  Jake's old roommate, actor Nick Livingston named his cat "Sandvig" after Jake.
  • Sandvig starred in his first theatrical performance in a short film about child abuse, My Way Home.
  • Jake began his career in print ads and soon appeared in numerous commercials, receiving callbacks on over 75% of his auditions
  • Rob Reiner was the first director to cast Jake in a film...The Story Of Us.
  • His mother knew acting was his forte when, at age three, he would mimic, sing and perform every chance possible.
  • Jake is a very health-concious person, he rides his Cannondale frequently.
  • Eats vegan foods.
  • Drives a Toyota Prius